Is Your Private PC Stuff Secure ???? Truthfully ???

Lets face it Most of us have financial notes and records, family photos, and other computer files and documents that we would rather keep” private and  personal”, but that’s not always possible when others such as family, friends, neighbours , work colleagues or employees or god forbid maybe even strangers have access to our PC or laptop.

Encryption is obviously the safest and most thorough  method to use to big time protect very confidential or private data-( see our article on- Encryption- Why it Really Matters when you are working on the Go )However some of my friends were uneasy at what they perceived to be the techie nature of using Truecrypt, it made them nervous and they got a mental block about using it, and  hence this post came about, because my pals admitted their PC privacy was far from secure- indeed many had no privacy protection in place. I have no doubt they are not alone.

Free Hide Folder from Cleanersoft is a compact FREE tool that makes it easy to hide and password-protect files and folders and access them with a few quick clicks when you need them.Yes it is genuinely Free with no catches Folks !!. and  highly recommended for many who simply want a simple solution to create some PC privacy . I hasten to add I have no commercial association with this company.

Free Hide Folder Benefits

  • Its FREE !!!!
  • Hide your folder completely. Unless you unhide it yourself, nobody can find it
  • •  Any number of folders may be hidden at the same time
  • It Keeps your personal datahidden away from Others and Snoopers.
  • No Snooper will know where your personal stuff exists and cannot accidentally view it
  • You can  Hide folders simply with a few mouse clicks
  • Its protected by a password- that can be changed at any time
  • Platform: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

When you first run Free Hide Folder, you’re prompted to create a password that the program will use to protect hidden files, so make sure it’s one you’ll remember.-CRITICAL -_ CRITICAL

The interface of Free Hide Folder is a simple one; just a file menu and a taskbar containing basic control icons for adding, locking/unlocking, and password-protecting files. Selected items appear in the main window with their locked or unlocked state displayed.

Free Hide Folder , applies its magic on the directories of your choice instantaneously. The moment you have decided upon which folders need to be thrown the invisibility cloak on all there is to completing the operation is pressing Hide button of the interface. You will notice that the respective folder(s) will vanish on the spot. Making them visible again is even easier as you don’t have to browse for them (the application will display them all in Folders list).

Free Hide Folder is a great tool to help You Protect your Personal Information.

By Using Free Hide Folder you will protect your files or folders – will avoid them  being modified, seen or erased by other unwanted users- be they friends or foes !!!

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Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    30 replies to "Want to Keep Your Private Files and Folders safe from Snoopers."

    • Alexander Paul

      Hi Rosemary,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It makes sense to protect such information as well if you let kids on your machine, so that they can’t accidentially delete data… On another topic, do you have something in place for data backup? Would love to hear what you can tell us about that.

      Thx and All the best,


      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        I am delighted you found this post helpful, many thanks for your feed back for the blog. I will be running posts on security and back up during August. Many thanks for tweeting this blog earlier in the day. All the best Rosemary

    • Julieanne van Zyl

      Rosemary, your blog is looking beautiful again, great to see.

      Having Private folders sounds like a great idea, I always just “trust” no-one gets hold of my laptop. It’s good to be ready though!

      Hope you’re having a terrific week! regards from Julieanne

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Delighted you liked the new header etc on the blog, a friend made it for me she is very talented. I think we are better safe than sorry for everything on line. All the best and take care Rosemary.

    • Marquita Herald

      Great information Rosemary, and this is one I’m definitely going to try. And thanks for the emphasis on making sure to use a password that’s memorable – I’m so paranoid about that I keep a little black book with all my passwords as a back up in my safe deposit box!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Marquita, delighted you found this article helpful. We all need to be so careful of our passwords , a friend mentioned to me that she changes the password in her Facebook account weekly. Many thanks for coming back to working on the go. All the best Rosemary

    • Sadie-Michaela Harris

      Hello Rosie!

      Thanks for this share;- I’d not heard of CleanerSoft but I am going to check them out.

      I think it offers the perfect solution for use on the pc we use for outsourcers – some of them login remotely and use our pc and software programmes you see.

      Reading in your post CleanerSoft will afford everyone’s files a greater degree of privacy – perfect for on shared machines. 🙂

      Have a lovely Sunday and thanks again 🙂

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Good Morning Sadie,

        Delighted you found this post useful and I think we all like to protect our privacy. Your point about people working for you is very relevant. I hope you find time to relax and enjoy some down time today. All the best Rosemary

    • Keith Everett

      Wow, Rosemary.. this hits the Spot..

      Just what I’ve been looking for. I love to be organised plus I like to my documents away from prying eyes.

      Thank you for bringing this free tool to our attention, this is just one more reason why this blog “Working On The Go” is a great blog, that’s full of useful tips, hints & tricks.

      I will certainly visit more often..


      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Delighted you found this article helpful. I am very aware of the importance of protecting my files when I am working on the go or on my travels for fun. It is great to hear you will be visiting more often. All the best Rosemary

    • Louise Steiner

      Rosemary….thank you so much for this post. It makes total sense to keep your personal files hidden from prying eyes and I’m always delighted to find a free tool. Your post is very timely as this is something I have been wondering about.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Delighted you like this post. I also love finding ways to save money. Especially in these uncertain times. Many thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. All the best Rosemary

    • Andy Nathan

      You can never have too much protection for your PC. Just had some bank fraud a few weeks on one of my cards.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Sorry to hear you had the trouble with bank fraud. I agree we all need as much security as possible. All the best Rosemary.

    • anne

      Great find Rosemary. Security is so important these days especially when using wifi on the road and sharing a computer with others. Thanks for sharing

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Anne, delighted you find this a useful tip , I can see it being very important for you as you travel for business. Many thanks for coming back to working on the go. All the best Rosemary

    • Pastor Sherry

      Great idea for keeping files safe. I’d never heard of such a thing, so I appreciate your post. That password, though . . . I STILL have password protected files on an old computer that I cannot remember the password for! I’m so glad every site asks if I’ve forgotten my password — ’cause I usually have! It would be difficult for anyone to get into any of my sites, since I have to keep resetting the password so much.

    • John Gaydon

      HI Rosemary,

      This looks like a great tool.I will take a look at it.

      I remember visiting the Wynn in Las Vegas and connecting through the house wireless system. I had full access to hundreds of laptops and their hard disks. Pretty scary stuff if you have important information on your PC!

      One bad person could have a field day in most hotels.

    • Jeffrey Sooey

      Valuable information here Rosemary. Thanks for this reminder. I will download this tool, it is really important to be secured these days.. Thanks for sharing..


      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Jeffrey. delighted you found this a useful update and if you have any suggestions for working on the go , you are very welcome to contact me. All the best Rosemary

    • Trevor Barrett

      Thanks Rosemary, this was a good find. Up until recently I have been the only person using my PC so it has not been too relevant but recently one of the children moved back so I will make good use of cleanersoft.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Trevor, delighted you found this a useful tip . When we are sharing computers it is great to be able to protect our privacy. I am sure you will enjoy having your child home. Many thanks for commenting on working on the go. All the best Rosemary

    • Kyle Quinlan

      Hey Rosemary,
      I’m always looking for cool tools that will help in my organization and also my security. Thanks for the tip!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        You are very welcome, I am very aware of security while working on the go and enjoy finding cool tool to make life easier. All the best Rosemary

    • Raena Lynn

      Hi Rosemary,

      Thank you for sharing this tool with us. Privacy nowadays is an issue which surfaces once in a while. Encryption software is a little intimidating so I understand why this tool is so much more user friendly. Before reading this article, my belief was that encryption was the only way to protect yourself from snoopers, so I will definitely keep this in mind when ready to protect my folders. Thanks.

      Raena Lynn

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Raena, delighted you found this post useful It is a serious issue for all of us to keep our computers safe and our files private. As I am going to twp business events in the next while that is very important to me. Many thanks for taking the time to comment on working on the go. All the best Rosemary

    • Holly

      Hello! This sounds little advanced for me yet, but I will put a note in my agenda to check back and see how this is done again. I usually take a few reads before I adventure into something new on the techy side, but it certainly intrigues me to always be getting useful things to make life easier and less stressful! Thanks!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Holly,

        I am delighted it has taken your notice. I also have to check things out a few times at first but I do find the biggest learning curve with techie things like everything practice. If you have any further queries you are welcome to contact me. All the best Rosemary

    • Pearly Quah

      Hi Rosemary,
      Thanks for the wake up call again. this post really serve as a reminder for me to have such protection when I have my personal financial file on my PC or laptop.

      This is an important security tool and I trust everyone who uses computer to store their personal private and confidential data must have such tool to for protection purposes.

      Very useful tip, Rosemary.


      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Pearly,

        You are very welcome, I travel for business quite often with my lap top or iPad, and it is so important to be safe rather than sorry if either got into the wrong hands. Many thanks for coming to the blog. All the best Rosemary

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