This FREE Encryption Software Makes Protecting Your Private or Confidential Files Really Simple


Easily Protect Your Files

Encrypting your sensitive documents is a must to protect confidentiality – be it sensitive or personal or business information.Letting such information get into the wrong hands can cause sleepless nights !. Furthermore Laptop or Netbook Loss or Theft is a Reality of Life Folks- for those of us who work on the move. FACT !!

EncyptOnClick  is a FREE Program that offers a very simple way to encrypt those files and folders you really do not want to fall into the wrong hands – or even on your desktop to keep snoopers at bay from the really sensitive or confidential business files !!

The interface of the program cuts right to the chase as far as encryption is concerned and is ideal for many of us  out there who are not Techie. Friends to whom I recommended “Truecrypt “ felt it was all too complicated, so I searched for another solution for them and came up with this Free program. My friends simply wanted to lock down a few important  files or folders behind passwords,( not a drive) but didn’t want the complexity of a full-featured encryption system with multiple keys, virtual drives and more?

Once Downloaded – A very straightforward simple box offers a choice between encrypting files and folders and another offers a chance to decrypt folders and files.

For encryption all you have to do is just click on the box and find the folder or file you wish to secure by searching through a file tree. Once chosen the program asks for a password and asks you the user to re-enter the password. Decrypting follows the same path and is just as simple ( the same in reverse).

EncryptOnClick quickly and easily locks your files from anyone without the password, One thing to remember is that if you decrypt a file it remains open ( until you encrypt it again) .

Other programs do offer features with a choice for users who wish to select the level of complexity for  their  encryption.


However, if  you really want to keep encryption simple /dead simple, EncryptOnClick is  very easy to use and can help keep your files safe – which is something to always recommend.
ALSO ….This program is FREE Folks – So Why Not try it out !! For Windows Only Though !!………….Download at




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Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    22 replies to "The Simplest Encryption Software for Protecting Files and Folders at Home or on the Move"

    • Yorinda

      Hi Rosemary,

      thank you so much for sharing this information about the free software.
      Have you used it for a while?
      It is amazing what is available for free these days.

      Much appreciate you post.

      • rosie54

        Hi Yorinda,

        I have been using it for the last year. Here is a copy of our ebook – How To Carry Your Computer On Your Keyring which I could imagine would be useful for you. Take care and enjoy the weekend. Rosemary

    • Andy Nathan

      Starting to download this information and will play around with it as well.

      • rosie54

        Hi Andy,

        I always appreciate your feedback and if you have any suggestion for this site do feel free to contact me. I really liked your advice for Google+ . I do not know if you noticed this FREE report I put on the fan page yesterday. Take care Rosemary

    • patricia

      Thank you Rosemary for this information, I wish I had known this 4 years ago when after giving my pc to the person that had sold it to me to clean it up many files disappeared and no one knew why and how.
      Can we use this progrma for any file or program to save it? I will try it out, for sure thank you!

      • rosie54

        Patrica, here is a video that I hope answers your question. I am off to a seminar this week for ladies in business which should be very interesting. Take care Rosemary

    • Aileen O'Day

      Thanks for this Rosemary, absolutely agree that it’s amazing how much free software exists now. Very useful!

      • rosie54

        Hi Aileen, it is great to see you back on the site. You are very welcome to share any tips and tricks you have for working on the go. Take care Rosemary

    • Lynda Cromar

      Thanks Rosemary yes I can see why that is important. It didn’t look like it was free, the website said trial offer. One thing I have found is important is not let the computer save your personal detail. It may be more convenient, but then it makes it easy to hack!

      • rosie54

        Hi Lynda,

        Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Firstly we have updated the post with a video and it is FREE and if you watch the video it should answer any questions . Take care Rosemary

    • Anna

      You are absolutely right how many different software exists now. we are lucky to have them but we have to be responsible enough in order to use them the best way!Don’t you think so?

      • rosie54


        You are very welcome to working on the go. Yes it does take time to learn how to use these tools to protect our computers but it is well worth the effort. Take care Rosemary

    • crescele

      Hi Rosemary, thanks for sharing this. It’s going to come in handy for me since I’m a frequent traveler and I bring my laptop with me all the time. And the fact that it’s freeware is just music to my ears. Will give this a go. Thanks.

      • rosie54

        Hi Stevie,

        Delighted you found this a useful tip for your travels. Here is the link to our ebook which gives you advice for working on your travels . Take care Rosemary

    • marquita herald

      Another great tip and tool Rosemary – and as an added bonus it’s free! Sad truth is we have to be on alert all the time these days – I even chose a desktop calendar with an encription option!

      • rosie54

        Hi Marquita,

        I am delighted you found this a useful tip, you are right we have to be aware how to protect our files. Take care Rosemary

    • Rosemary you find the coolest stuff!!

      This is what I need and I didn’t even know it. I travel a lot and have been concerned about some of my files. Now I know I can make them safe without all the hassle.

      thanks so very much!

      • rosie54

        Hi Carla,

        I am delighted you found it useful for your travels. I understand what you are saying as I am off to a seminar for the next two days. Our Ebook will help you work on your travels here is the link . Take care Rosemary

    • Darryl Burgess

      Great free software. It is scary how much we need to protect our information from others.

      • rosie54


        I agree with you , I was at a seminar this week and I was very aware of my online security and I was surprised it was not mentioned in more details in the social media section of the event. Here is a link to our ebook which includes protecting files Take care Rosemary

    • alicia@yboggle

      Thanks, very useful information and needed in these times where you have to make sure your information is saved and protected. Several of my friends will benefit from it.

      • rosie54


        Delighted you found this a helpful tip.Yes we all need to be aware of security, while working on the go and on our travels. Take care Rosemary

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