Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Home Edition (PC) Our Review For Working On The Go


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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Home speech recognition software lets you interact with your PC just by talking! . I write this review as an ordinary consumer who uses the product big time -not as a tech expert .The version 11 edition is a breakthrough because compared to previous versions it really is as the manufacture claims  FASTER, BETTER and SMARTER. Being a user of both version 10 and now version 11 – there really is no comparison.In the past this software was expensive and required pretty extensive training to set up good profiles of your voice.

The Version 11 Home edition is the basic package from Nuance but if you are new to voice recognition software- are still unsure about it- try this package out because currently it is quite inexpensive for what it can do for you and we believe you will not be disappointed and may even later purchase one of the premium products. At Amazon it is available on special offer for £ 56.99 or $ 60.28- When you see what it can do for you It is a no Brainer !!!.

It comes in a DVD- ROM and works with Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008 / XP / 2003 Server  . Noise-cancelling headset , Quick Start Guide (The full User Guide is accessed via the software)

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium by Nuance

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UK Nuance - Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium


WHY NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO – Bear With the Guy- you will see it in action –


  • Talk to your computer and watch your spoken words appear in documents, email and IM’s
  • Your voice is turned into text three times faster than most people type
  • It learns to recognize your voice instantly, and continually improves the more you use it
  • Most accurate version ever, delivering up to 99% accuracy with no spelling errors
  • Easier than ever to use: Dragon NaturallySpeaking installs quickly and requires no special script reading
  • Use your voice to dictate and edit in virtually any Windows application
  • Browse the Internet: search the Internet, access information, navigate Web pages – all by voice
  • Surf the Web just by speaking within Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and AOL and more
  • New on-screen help and tutorials will make you an expert user in no time
  • Works the way you work: add names, addresses and other words to your custom vocabulary
  • New Quick Voice Formatting allows formatting and editing your dictated text in record time
  • Control menus and dialog boxes by voice in virtually any Microsoft Windows application

STILL NOT CONVINCED- Read What other Purchasers of the Product have to Say About It……….


Amazed at its capability

……I would recommend this product without hesitation and I have already done so to many of my colleagues. I find that the Home Edition is more than adequate for my needs as a freelance writer, editor and book publisher…….

Review paraphrased for size- view original review here

D.W 5.0 out of 5 stars First rate software

…….There is no doubt in my mind that DS 11 has excellent speech recognition. In the past week I have written a 140 page report and only had to correct a very small number of words. I would suggest that the speech recognition is 99% accurate……..

Review paraphrased for size- view original review here


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Many Thanks Rosemary

Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    25 replies to "Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Home Edition (PC) Our Review"

    • Debbie Lattuga

      I have been thinking about this product for years. I’m glad to know there is no script reading required. I have some old home movies that I want to transcribe the audio to turn it into a family book.

      It sounds like technology has caught up to my needs. Thanks.


      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Your family book sounds a lovely idea and I am sure your family would be very impressed if you used Dragon to put it together. Many thanks for coming to this blog. Rosemary

    • Holly

      I have not heard of this before, but it sounds like a pretty interesting program to use. I often think and say things and then wish I had written them down.. This has me thinking… I like the idea!! Very cool!!!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Holly,

        Delighted it got you thinking, when you start using your voice , you wonder how one survived without it. On Monday I was under a pressure to get a report finished and I was trilled when I had it completed before the deadline because of being able to use Dragon. All the best and enjoy the weekend. Take care Rosemary

    • Eldridge DuFauchard

      No way Rosemary,

      This is great news! I’m going to get this right away! Anything that makes it faster, easier, and better on computing works for me.

      You are wonderful at reporting these great inventions:)

      Thank you

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        You are very welcome, it was necessity which was the mother of invention of discovering Dragon in the first place, running a business we all want to save time and money. I was very touched with your story you shared on your blog. All the best for the weekend. Rosemary

    • Andy Nathan

      I do not have version 11, but I have 10. The one big drawback is that the typing is consistently slower than me. Good to see them fix that.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Andy,

        I use the version 11 and I have to say I find it very good, on Monday morning , I was able to write a big report and was able to spend my time of thinking of what to say rather than feeling under pressure of time. I really appreciate your feedback for readers of this blog. All the best Rosemary

    • Andy Nathan

      Still using version 10, but good to know that they are making it faster, because there are definitely times that I talk faster than the words on the screen appear.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        I will be using version 11 which is a great help as I am in the process of putting a new blog together over the next few weeks. It keeps my mind clear for what I want to write rather than a concern about how much time it will take. I will have some new tips for working smart on the go early next week. Take care Rosemary

    • Lynn Jones

      Hi Rosemary,
      Wow, that really looks like an awesome piece of software! I have many thoughts run through my head and it would be so nice to put them in writing to refer to later. I don’t always have a piece of paper to jot down my bright ideas, ya know?
      I had never heard of it before, so thanks for letting us know.
      Lynn Jones

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        You are very welcome, I find it great for keep up to date with work especially this week as I am on business in the UK and I will be up to date when I return to Ireland. All the best Rosemary

    • I bought this product years ago and spent hours trying to “train” it. With my initial efforts, I discovered that I had invented an entirely new language as whatever I dictated was interpreted by the software as random words, some of which weren’t even in any recognized dictionary. Turns out the software at the time wasn’t too good with certain accents.

      I understand things are different now. Still, I prefer the old keyboard. Helps me think!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        My experience of the first edition that I bought was it took quite a bit of training to get used to my Irish accents and especially with some local names . But now I find it makes me so more productive with my work. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Take care Rosemary

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Stevie,

        I have to say from personal experience the early versions of Dragon did not like certain words I use with my Irish accent and local names . But I was very glad I persisted as it made my working life so much easier and saved me money on clerical expenses. I find the current versions make me so much more productive . Last night after a busy day I wrote three posts for this blog which would have been a lot more difficult and time consuming if I was typing. All the best Rosemary

    • What an awesome way to get my articles written quickly and easily!

      I am using a monthly service right now, perhaps I won’t be renewing!

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Hi Carla,

        You are very welcome, when I started in business I used a similar service but the problems I found was the cost and if you needed to make edits or changes to your documents, Many thanks for your comment. Take care Rosemary

    • Joyce Edwards

      I have been hearing about this product for sometime now but never thought is was for me. Your explanation of the multiple uses have now peaked my interest. I just wonder how fast it would go with different systems. Sometimes my computer seems to go slow these days. Thanks for the great review.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

        Joyce, your are very welcome, it does make such a difference for me to be productive. All the best Rosemary

    • Trevor Barrett

      Thanks for introducing us to this product Rosemary. I did try something similar to this a while ago although this does seem to be a lot more sophisticated.

      I abandoned it when I found that it actually took me longer to write things than by using the keyboard. I have been doing that for a long time so I suppose I will just keep doing it.

      • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy


        Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I understand we all have our own way to be productive. But I have to say we all talk quicker than we type and last night by using my voice , I wrote three articles for this blog which would not have been easy after a long day if I was typing. I am planning to share more tips for saving time and I really appreciate feed back from readers of this blog. All the best Rosemary

    • pete chapman

      Hi Rosemary,
      Wow… checking out your blog today, it kind of motivates me to get an Ipad!
      I remember when I had a couple of guys with severe dislexia they were admirably assisted by having dragon naturally speaking for their laptops…. although, when one of them was using it in an open office, it was a little disconcerting…
      isn’t technology wonderful?

      Best wishes


      • rosie54


        I agree with you our age of technology can make things so much easier for people with dislexia because it is less daunting being able to use voice recognition and audio. In my personal experience people having this difficulty are natural chatter boxes so it makes things a lot easier. It also is great if you have any problems with your hands etc. Many thanks for your feed back . All the best Rosemary

    • Marcus T Cox

      I have been thinking about trying this product out, but I have never knew anyone that has used it. So now I may have to go get one, because I am not the best writer but I do talk pretty good. This will come in handy for me. One thing I would like to ask. Does it correct grammer?

      • rosie54

        Hi Marcus,

        When you are dictating you give instructions for grammar. Also you do need to proofread as you would when you are typing. But it makes such a difference for me. I, like yourself, rather talk than write and it makes me so much more productive. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Take care Rosemary

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