Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner…Will Save the  Local Business Time and Money !!

For many local businesses my own….A SCANNER is in my view a must have tool. When I first became self employed I had a NIGHTMARE WITH PAPER AND RECEIPTS and properly organizing them, because of limited time running around the place. A Fujitsu Scansnap scanner was my office bound saviour …..Because!!!

  • Daily post scanned into their correct PC folders quickly with a few clicks as PDF’s( no more mislaid important letters)
  • Business expense receipts easily scanned to their correct account folders ( my accountant at tax return time was so happy !!! I just emailed the files and folders)
  • Large documents scanned.. as PDF’s …saved to file and/or PC folder …. And subsequently if need be easily printed ( forget manual photocopying-that takes precious time)
  • An important 25 page or any very large document  for example comes to you in the post, you need to pass it on …..with Scansnap you scan it ,save it to your appropriate pc folder, then print it.3 jobs done in one go.
  • Use with Dropbox and your office material is available working on the go
  • And so much more….see below

I have used my Scansnap scanner since 2002( there are updated models in case you are worried ) and it is still going strong…..When it dies it will be replaced !!! it is an expensive enough product , but one genuinely that has saved me a lot of time and money ever since because of its speed and simplicity. For any local or small professional local business ….

PS FACTOR in the Free SOFTWARE INCLUDED….including Adobe Acrobat and Abby and the cost is not bad at all !!!







Since the advent of online storage……I am a mega fan of Dropbox….because  basically whatever device or Laptop etc I use on the move , any work I do on that mobile device, I save to Dropbox and everyone back at the office has access to it. Our routine is that our office daily post is scanned to its correct folder on Dropbox  on the office PC…quickly using the Scansnap…..and when I am not there or am working on the move at home or abroad I have access to this post through Dropbox on my portable device. Believe me the Scansnap is quick and simple to use…..its only drawback is it is not a flatbed scanner, so important sections of books   have to be photocopied and then scanned using Scansnap. A small price to pay from my experience of usage since 2002.

Check out my Dropbox posts…..

Having become a Scanner Devotee…I progressed towards considering whether I could scan important stuff ( and receipts for expenses)when travelling and working on the go looking for products that would easily stash in a carry-on or briefcase .

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With Many Thanks Rosemary

Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    6 replies to "My Love Affair with the Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner- Why a local business needs one ??"

    • Jacob

      Having a scanner is a good item to have in any home business or just at home for personal use. No more need to save papers, unless needed. It makes it easier to say on top of things and organized.

      • rosie54


        I agree with you it is very important tool to keep us organised. Which is very important for our local businesses . Thanks for visiting working on the go again and take care Rosemary

    • Kimberly Castleberry

      We had a Snap Scan in the financial office I worked in about 4 years back and it was handy as we dealt with lots of paper regularly. Today, most of what I need to preserve is receipts and I do that by taking a photo of them using a Photo Copier variety of android app with my phone and converting them to PDF from there. Not handy for small print or dealign with lots of pages but for lightweight stuff it’s all I need.

      • rosie54


        Yes scanning is very handy for your business. The app would suit you perfectly for the needs of your business now you are at conferences etc while working on line. Converting to PDF is a very good idea. One thing I like scanning for is managing business costs by scanning receipts. Chat soon Kim

    • Clint Butler

      When I was looking at printers and such I first bought the cheapest model (I’m a cheap) and after I made my purchase I experienced buyers regret because then I had a need for a scanner. Nowadays I go with an all in one model that is wirelessly connected to my network so I can print from anything. That being said this simple option looks pretty good for people who don’t want to buy a whole new printer.

      • rosie54


        Thanks for your feed back it is greatly appreciated. I have to say scanning has made such a difference in keeping me organised. But I always think the most important thing is to find the right tools which fits in with our own personal needs. take care Rosemary

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