Why a small Local Business can benefit from a Mobile Scanner??

It would be a fair question to ask what good is a portable mobile scanner for the small local business person?? . For many small local businesses it is not an understatement to say that times have got tough. Profits are harder got but the expenses are still there and many have had to cut back on support staff. My love affair with scanners began when a number of years ago in 2002 I had to lay off a personal secretary, and then it dawned upon me the extra administration work that was required to run my business I searched for technical products that might ease the pain.


The first product I purchased and have never looked back with is Dragon Naturally Speaking… A voice recognition software system that essentially types your spoken word for you….. Check out my posts

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With Many Thanks Rosemary

The second product I purchased which was a godsend was a Fujitsu Scansnap scanner. Check out my post on this wonderful product.

Having become a Scanner Devotee…I progressed towards considering whether I could scan important stuff ( and receipts for expenses)when travelling and working on the go and I began looking for products that would easily stash in a carry-on or briefcase .

I found an inexpensive Plustek optislim scanner ….as a test ….which was super portable and I took the plunge and bought one and used it in connection with a Netbook….it worked for me on the move !!! I attended many conferences, took lots of literature and brochures but scanned in my hotel room what I really needed and left the rest behind me. When Dropbox arrived ..and I began to use it….from my hotel room I used my portable scanner to save stuff scanned on the move with my netbook….and my office back home had instant access to it all.

The downside is quite obviously portable mobile scanners can not be as fast as a Scansnap or larger office type scanner, but mobile scanning will capture your important stuff easily too on the move .

For Laptops or netbooks there are some great products out there.

HOWEVER We are now in the age of Tablets….. Be it an iPad or Android tablet. Both myself and my partner have an iPad and Acer android tablet between us. They have become our travelling weapon of choice…… But we both actually really do miss our mobile scanner !!!

I have therefore once again gone to the online marketplace to seek out a suitable mobile scanning product. I have found two products that I believe will be very useful to those of us who work on the move to any significant degree …………

 iConvert Scanner Dock Lets Your use an iPad for scanning

It is obviously light durable and small for travelling and working on the go. It  digitizes documents directly into an iPad.


You will be grateful for any product that allows you to save digitally those receipts for expenses and important brochures or documents you come across whilst working on the go.

The  advertised specs are a front feeder that adjusts from 2 inches to 8 1/2 inches wide for handling everything from business cards to business reports, and using an accompanying free app documents are scanned as 300 dpi jpegs directly into the iPad or iPad 2’s picture folder..

It seems to me that When coupled with an OCR app and a wireless printer, the iConvert would go a long way towards having a portable office on the move.

Check out…the video below…..


Does not Appear to be in amazon for sale in              UK or Ireland….saw one link on Ebay( mislaid it folks)

No Doubt it will be available shortly


Visioneer Mobility Wireless Scanner  

This is the product we have fact decided to purchase.

What has grabbed me is is its advertised ability to scan  images directly to an SD card, USB flash drive or mobile phone with no computer near by.

In other words you do not have to travel with a netbook laptop or a tablet at all.

This would be mobility in a whole new way……because  you scan anywhere without a computer, cords or software. You can even scan to your smartphone using the USB cable that came with your phone( which most of us do not leave home without when travelling)

The downside seems to be that there is no document feeder, so its a single page at a time. Only to be expected for a small portable product- same for a lot of mobile scanners anyway.

Removable memory would make sharing Mobility easy as I see it.


For Mac users they could just use an SD card or USB flash drive that contains the scanned images and copying them directly to a Mac.

Visioneer’s CONNECT service apparently  allows you can scan directly to cloud based services like Google Docs, Evernote, FilesAnywhere, OfficeDrop and DropBox.






I am convinced….

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With Many Thanks Rosemary

Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    11 replies to "Local Business People……..2 Tools to Help Productivity on the Move !!!"

    • Pieter Britz from Ab Cuts

      Hi Rosemary, I have stumbled upon your Blog even I am not looking for any hardware at the moment I am definitely Bookmarking your site as a adviser.
      Thanks for your research.

      • rosie54

        Hi Pieter, delighted you found the site useful and you are very welcome to join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/workingonthego – there is regular updates for working on the go and using social media for local business. Take care Rosemary

    • Julieanne van Zyl

      Rosemary, it’s refreshing to see personal reviews of equipment you’ve actually used yourself. Another use for a mobile scanner would be to scan in your favourite photos you see as you’re visiting relatives. I know that’s not very “business like”, but it’s useful:-)

      Have fun on your travels Rosemary!

      • rosie54


        I think your idea is smashing and why not. It is great to be able to use these tools for business and our personal lives as well. I really enjoyed the video you shared about working on the go on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/workingonthego. take care Rosemary

    • marquita herald

      Awesome tips Rosemary! I became a scan fan years ago when I started scanning my PILES of expense receipts and storing them on disc rather than keeping piles of paper around. Another tool I love is my Adobe Convert tab on my computer tool bar. When I find an article or research of special interest, I simply make a pdf of the page and tuck it in the appropriate file. The best thing is that if/when I want to go back to the original site all I have to do is click on the link on the PDF! As much research as I do for my writing this has saved me SO much time – not to mention a forest of trees 🙂

    • Sean O'Rourke

      Hi Rosemary, great article!
      As an accountancy firm who have moved to the cloud we do a lot of scanning in the office. If you are interested in cutting out another layer of admin I would recommend using http://www.ReceiptBank.com to automatically process all those scanned invoice/receipts. They have Dropbox integration too so all you need to do is drag/drop the scans into a folder in your Dropbox and they process it in a few days automatically. To really take things to the next level I would recommend using an online bookkeeping system like http://www.Xero.com or http://www.Sortmybooks.com. Receipt bank actually “talks” to these programs and pushes your receipt data (including an image of the invoice) directly to your accounts payable ledger. For example, I drag a PDF of my O2 bill into my Dropbox folder and 2 days later it appears on my creditors ledger for payment complete with due date, Vat info and an image of the invoice, unbelievable!
      Best regards,
      Sean O’Rourke (www.orourkeandco.ie)

      • rosie54

        Thanks for the praise……in tight times local business has to look outside the box. Your insights however look remarkably useful and i thank you for going to the trouble of posting a comment….your comments may help a lot of small businesses…..i will definitely try out ..receiptbank.com…….organising receipts was traditionally a bit of a mental block and i wasted a lot of time because eventually I had to organise them
        Many thanks

    • David Merrill

      Wonderful idea for scanning, Rosemary.

      I’m still way behind in that technology… you gave me good ideas to get me up to snuff, though.

      As for Dragon… I just got it and am LOVING it so far. I don’t think work, or life, will ever be the same again.

      • rosie54

        Hi David,

        Delighted you are using Dragon it does makes us so much more productive which is very important as we all have so much to do while running our businesses . Maybe you will check out mobile scanning next. take care Rosemary

    • candice michelle

      Efficiency is even more important for small and medium-sized businesses, because their resources are limited compared to large global companies.

      • rosie54


        That is so true as small and medium business have limited resources and need to use them very wisely and many thanks for coming back to this site. take care Rosemary

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