Whether to Buy an iPad 2 or MacBook Air ??? Some Info and thoughts !!
For People Who Work On The Go and Travel

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Both Apple’s MacBook Air ( a few model choices) and iPad 2 ( choices too ) have power and portability …. for people who work on the  go …..Bottom line Folks!!

Each do, and can do a job for those working on the move.

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For some an iPad 2 alternative is an Android tablet.,—some of which are recently every bit as good as the ipad2- maybe for some a little less user friendly…but  ??….Click Here to Learn More

Design and portability – Both are gorgeous, but ?
Little to separate the devices in terms for style and build quality… both are stunning . If we had to make a choice, the MacBook would get the nod simply because it’s so thin (and with a full physical keyboard)

The iPad 2 measures 241x186x8.8mm, compared to 300x192x17mm for the MacBook Air, but in reality the laptop is not  really much bigger than the tablet.

Admittedly, the iPad 2 is smaller and lighter, but not much in it and  both can be carried around all day without a problem.
Hardware – MacBook Air put simply out muscles iPad 2
The MacBook Air  significantly out-muscles the iPad 2( and indeed many desktops).
The MacBook also has an extremely well proportioned  keyboard,

The performance of the iPad 2  however is exceptionally smooth, but can’t really compete with the MacBook all around. However, the iPad 2 does have an HD camera on the rear capable of 720p recording and a VGA webcam on the front to allow for video calling.

A maximum of 64GB of storage is available on the iPad. Choices for the MacBook.

Connectivity – MacBook has USB and Thunderbolt

The MacBook Air features two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack and a Thunderbolt output. The Thunderbolt port is particularly useful as it allows high-speed data transfer between Mac devices, and Apple makes a number of adaptors that use this port to connect to a larger display via a VGA converter, for example. Some people will be disappointed with the lack of DVD drive on the Macbook air, although It’s possible to plug in an external drive via the USB – and there are some powerful choices for flash and external drives that are inexpensive out there. You have no expansion possibilities with the iPad apart from using the cloud- not always practical.

The MacBook air uses Wi-Fi is as the primary method of connecting to the internet but you can get an Ethernet adaptor that fits into the USB port. There is no built-in 3G, but the MacBook can be tethered to any smartphone or dongle/  mifi  for internet on the move.

The iPad 2  lacks physical connectivity ( micro sd card or usb)-.. a bad lacking …..and if important to you, and it will be for many, consider an android tablet if the Macbook is too expensive for You. The only other port aside from the headphone jack is the apple -pin connector. However an appropriate ipad 3G model has built-in 3G connectivity, something that the MacBook Air lacks.
Interface – Macbooks operating system is better than Ipads

The MacBook Air comes with a full desktop operating system, so buyers can perform all their regular tasks on the move. Mac system features a multitude of gesture-based controls, which are well regarded out there. This allows MacBook Air owners to use standard everyday programs, and download and use applications from the Mac App Store.

However, apps from this source are considerably more expensive than those for the iPad.

The iPad is navigated via the touch screen- which many of you do and will adore…..but others will not.

Aside from this, it’s not crazy to say that the functionality of the tablet is limited compared to the laptop.

Typing on the touch screen of the ipad is no problem to some and a pain in the proverbial to others and those  typing working on the go for long periods on the iPad are likely to need a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, essentially turning the tablet into a laptop basically anyway……although some may disagree?

The iPad’s inability to run Adobe Flash is also a big let down. This means that a lot of video content on the web is inaccessible, the main exceptions being BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Battery – iPad 2 outlasts everything out there

The MacBook Air battery’s life is put very simply just not as good. Apple claims up to five hours when using Wi-Fi, and this may be a problem for frequent travellers, but power sockets on trains, cars and even planes mean that buyers are unlikely to be caught short too often…..if prepared !

In comparison though , the iPad 2 will comfortably last a day even when watching videos and using the web for prolonged periods. Apple’s claim of up to 10 hours of battery life is basically accepted as  truthfully valid.

For some of you apart from price this may be the deciding factor.
Price – Another Consideration
To generalise…… the MacBook Air is twice the price of the iPad 2  ( forgetting about 3G).

But remember the top-of-the-range 3G iPad 2 isn’t exactly cheap either. ( many of you too will have to add data plan costs  – recurring on top)


Our Working on the go Summary

working on the move

Both are Brilliant tools for working on the move, but the MacBook Air wins out in key areas of performance, operating system and connectivity. The laptop is definitely the better option for productivity on the move, and can be used in an office because it has excellent specifications- its only downside is battery life ( which can be dealt with too depending on circumstances)

If you just need to browse the internet on the move – and do basic email or text work – buy the iPad 2. For price – buy a Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 and use the extra money saved to invest in a mobile phone contract with a generous data allowance or a portable mifi device .The ipad can be tethered to your smartphone when Wi-Fi is not available

If you want power speed and a full operating system and you need to work very seriously on the move………. if you can afford it ….. plump for the laptop over the ipad as it is so  much more useful and worth the extra investment if your work on the move is intensive.

Check the Usual stats and Prices out on Amazon ….see if You relate to Purchasers comments ???




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