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Folks…. if you have reached this post, hopefully you have read our articles about both the Writepad app and the Penultimate app available from the iTunes store. We truly believe that armed with these two apps you will be ready to do an awful lot more which your iPad than you might think. If however you are serious about unleashing the productive aspect to both of these apps believe us when we say that specialist stylus for accuracy and speed in handwriting on your Apple product. There are number of products available out there that while less-expensive, are really geared towards using the built-in keyboard on your iPad iPhone and pretty useless for your iPad and these apps.We highly recommend both the Alupen and Waco Bamboo Stylus- both geared for this work   Alupen Stylus

Alupen - recommended

Just Mobile AluPen™ is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you precise control over your iPad/ iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch.

Made from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib, the AluPen™ makes drawing and writing a smooth experience. 

Essential accessory for creative tableteers….. We use it !!

  • Compatible with all capacitive touchscreens
  • Works with all iPad & iPhone apps
  • Perfect partner for drawing and painting apps
  • Deluxe carrying case included

Bamboo Stylus. The new pen for your iPad.

Wacom Bamboo - Amazon UK
Wacom Bamboo Stylus- Recommended

Sleek and smooth… turning notes, sketches, doodles and drawings into your personal creations? And here is why: because it‘s a pen – at just 20 grams – so perfectly weighted as to feel like an extension of your hand. Because Wacom has designed the smallest tip possible at just 6 mm in diameter, so that everything you do with your Bamboo Stylus is that much more accurate.

  • Pen-like form factor
  • Balanced in-hand pen weight
  • 25% slimmer pen tip than popular competition
  • Focus and encourage visual creative thinking and expression with spontaneous sketching and your personal handwriting.
  • Bamboo Paper app (by Wacom) works perfectly together with Bamboo Stylus so you can enjoy the ease of your own natural handwriting even more.
  • Surf the Apple App Store for more cool apps that turn Bamboo Stylus into an essential companion to let your ideas flow from mind to page at any time.
  • Compatibility: all media tablets using capacitive touch technology.

Targus Pen Stylus

A Colleague told us about this one!!

Targus 2 in 1

The Targus  Stylus Pen for tablet lets you take control of your touch screen and then flip over to use as a conventional pen to take notes also. The stylus makes it easy to take digital notes, draw or simply turn a page. Featuring a durable rubber tip that won’t scratch your tablets surface, the stylus allows the user to type or use accurately and comfortably. If you need to jot down notes during a meeting and prefer to use pen and paper…the other end of the stylus conveniently functions as a high quality pen. Using standard Parker Ballpoint refills




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    • Candice Michelle

      The stylus pen will make it easier and faster to manage your device. This is sure a good thing. When you want to make an email, using the stylus pen will cut the time that it takes when you do it manually. With this, you can send your email immediately. This is very helpful especially if you are rushing.

      • rosie54


        Thank you very much for your feed back it makes it much easier to give more value to my readers when I understand what people like. Take care Rosemary

    • Julie Hayes

      I also would prefer this types of stylus pen when using an Iphone for fast control and easier access.

      • rosie54


        Yes a stylus pen does make a big difference when working with an iPhone on the move . Many thanks for taking the time to comment. All the best Rosemary

    • Julie Hayes

      You really have created a blog which is very interesting and in trend. As a matter of fact, stylus pen has many benefits to offer to every user that is why they prefer to have it with them anywhere.

      • rosie54


        Many thanks for your very kind words about this site and feedback. It is great to get views of readers to be able to provide content that is of interest. Take care Rosemary

    • crescele

      i never thought there is this kind of pen that can be use for ipads. the post is really good. it gives me an idea. also, this pen, i think, will function better than the usual thing used in ipads.

      • rosie54

        Delighted that I can be of help and take care

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