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Tips for Working Out and About

Make Free Calls on Your Mobile to Other Vibers

Everyone who has a iPhone or Android Should want this GENUINELY FREE App ??? For Free Calls local or International

To Make FREE Calls from Your iPhone or Android locally and internationally- Easily !! For Working On The Move. I speak of the the Viber app for use on iPhones and Android mobiles.   We all want to save cash on charges for international and local calls  in the current economic climate and this is…

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Travel Vest for Women- Perfect Work Companion

Travel Vest for Women- Keep Your Work Valuables Close to Hand Magellans Ultimate Travel Vest for women has 16-pockets letting you carry many of your work gear essentials and accessories– on you!!!! We  classify muti Pocket Clothing as a Travel Essential in helping you keep your working items close to hand . Remember you can…

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Printing a Webpage on the Move and Working On The Go

Web to Print-With PrintWhatYouLike -YOU CAN  print the good parts of any web page while skipping the junk. Let’s face it folks, printing webpages can be a real pain in the ass. Getting a hard copy of a web page can be frustrating because whilst on the one hand all browsers allow you the option…

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