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Protecting your Digital Life

Do You Carry Sensitive Personal or Business Data on your iPhone or iPad ???

Have You Enabled the Security  On Your iPhone or iPad ??? Especially For Working On The Go  I write this post due to an experience I had two weeks ago. Following an enjoyable day out at a friend’s wedding, got the taxi home, had perhaps a few drinks too many, remember leaning over in the…

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The Simplest Encryption Software for Protecting Files and Folders at Home or on the Move

This FREE Encryption Software Makes Protecting Your Private or Confidential Files Really Simple   Encrypting your sensitive documents is a must to protect confidentiality – be it sensitive or personal or business information.Letting such information get into the wrong hands can cause sleepless nights !. Furthermore Laptop or Netbook Loss or Theft is a Reality…

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Want to Keep Your Private Files and Folders safe from Snoopers.

Is Your Private PC Stuff Secure ???? Truthfully ??? Lets face it Most of us have financial notes and records, family photos, and other computer files and documents that we would rather keep” private and  personal”, but that’s not always possible when others such as family, friends, neighbours , work colleagues or employees or god…

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Do you Fear Confidential Data Loss As Much as the Theft of your Laptop !!

Encryption – Why It Really Matters ??  When you are working on the move etc A year or so ago a lawyer friend of mine specialising in divorce had her nearly new laptop stolen at an airport and rang me distraught. What was in fact upsetting her the most was the loss of her confidential…

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Why are People Pretty Lazy When It Comes To Password Mangement ???.

Passwords & Security –  Should Matter Big Time to People Working on the Go Roboform is my saviour – Folks !!! Why ??? Hands up – I was lazy about passwords and security in my time !!!  because in years gone by I used the same password for multiple sites. A good friend of mine…

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