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Tips for iPhone & iPad

Penultimate – An iPad App That Replaces Pen and Paper !!! While Working On The Go

  How Often have you Lost or Mislaid A really important scrap of paper ??? When the iPad 1 was released my nearest and dearest bought me one as a birthday present. Being totally honest it took me some time to realise that the iPad could be and was a productive work tool … that…

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Using Your iPad for Handwriting ??? While Working On The Move

WHY The WRITEPAD APP is another Great Tool for Working on the Go With Writepad your iPhone or iPad or Android can do a lot more for you working on the go than you might think!! “But why bother with it?” you might indeed ask. Well, imagine the power and simplicity of Handwriting on your…

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Stylus Pens for Your Touch Devices – iPhone, iPad and Android

Our Recommended Stylus Pens for Your Touch Devices – iPhone, iPad and Android Folks…. if you have reached this post, hopefully you have read our articles about both the Writepad app and the Penultimate app available from the iTunes store. We truly believe that armed with these two apps you will be ready to do…

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Make Free Calls on Your Mobile to Other Vibers

Everyone who has a iPhone or Android Should want this GENUINELY FREE App ??? For Free Calls local or International

To Make FREE Calls from Your iPhone or Android locally and internationally- Easily !! For Working On The Move. I speak of the the Viber app for use on iPhones and Android mobiles.   We all want to save cash on charges for international and local calls  in the current economic climate and this is…

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Using Audioboo with your iPhone or Android FOR FREE Voice Messages while working on the move.

Audioboo is a great way to Easily Share FREE  Voice Messages. Your news, thank you or message of the moment can be easily shared with a FREE Audio Message from You This is a powerful, simple tool to share voice messages with your.  Clients or customers Family and friends Business colleagues. Or Indeed Whoever !!!…

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