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Tips for iPhone & iPad

Which Tablet to Buy 2011- iPad or Android Honeycomb

Upgrade my iPad or Chance an Android Honeycomb Tablet ??? For Working On the Go  Three weeks ago I pondered the same question. Now just a few weeks later, I am surprised that I am writing a post with a conclusion that I had not really expected to post. I had considered upgrading my beloved…

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Use Your Touchscreen Phone or Tablet WITHOUT Freezing Fingers this Winter !! With Touchscreen Gloves

Winter is here Folks !! You can Keep those hands warm and use your gadgets ?? While Working On The Go or Your Travels I have always hated trying to make or take calls with gloves on – by the time I remove them the call is gone . Not only that- but I would…

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Which to Buy ?? ……An iPad 2 or MacBook Air – Some Ideas !!

 Whether to Buy an iPad 2 or MacBook Air ??? Some Info and thoughts !! For People Who Work On The Go and Travel Both Apple’s MacBook Air ( a few model choices) and iPad 2 ( choices too ) have power and portability …. for people who work on the  go …..Bottom line Folks!!…

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Do You Carry Sensitive Personal or Business Data on your iPhone or iPad ???

Have You Enabled the Security  On Your iPhone or iPad ??? Especially For Working On The Go  I write this post due to an experience I had two weeks ago. Following an enjoyable day out at a friend’s wedding, got the taxi home, had perhaps a few drinks too many, remember leaning over in the…

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Business Users – WHY You Should Convert your iPhone into a Digital Recording Device While Working On The Go.

iPhone, iPad Business Users – WHY You Should Convert your Apple Device into a Digital Recording Device with PureAudio Live App   First off ladies and gentlemen, whilst others may disagree…. I have always been an unapologetic fan of voice recognition software after my love affair began out of financial necessity many years ago in…

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