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Tips for iPhone & iPad

Why a Good Stylus matters for your Tablet ??

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A VERY Easy Way To Use Your iPad/ iPhone for Reminders and To Do Jobs…. Working on the Go !!!

Save Time & Create Useful Reminders  with VoCal Voice for your  To Do Lists  on Your iPhone or iPad….Easily !!   The power of using our voices with our smartphones  is becoming a  big buzzword out there. I recall when I first purchased my 3G iPhone, being rather fascinated with the voice memo feature, which…

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Novel Ways to View your iPad !!! While Working On The Go

Using Velcro with your iPad………… Are you serious? Folks if nothing else I thought the video below amusing  because……. When I first watched this video I chuckled and laughed, particularly with the guy on the motorbike !!!, but do you know what I am now seriously considering giving it a go for use in my…

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iPhone Trick and Tip—Use Smart Keyboard App For Working On The Go

My iPhone 4 Keyboard Sucks !!! I don’t know about you folks but I have never been particularly good or quick using my iPhones built-in keyboard. I have often looked with envy upon people on trains and buses tapping away with their thumbs to their hearts content.   Unfortunately my broad fingers are either too…

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How to Sync Your Google Calendar With Your iPads or iPhones Calendar For Working On The Go

iPhone or iPad Tip How to Sync Your Google Calendar With Your iPads( or iPhones) Calendar Did You Get a Present of an iPad over Christmas ?? Your iPad can be quite a productive tool for working on the go !! Believe me you can do a lot with it !!! You just have to…

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