Speed Dial 2 ……another Chrome Add On ….That You might find useful!!

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I recently did a post on the Awesome New Tab Page…… a chrome add-on available from the Chrome Web Store. Last night in surfing play mode, I came across a similar type of add-on called Speed Dial 2, and decided to give it a go and I must say personally speaking I believe it might be a useful alternative for some of you.

From the screenshot below you will see that when I open a new tab…….Once again like the Awesome New Tab Add on….. I have instant access to my Google services like Gmail, Reader, Docs etc.


For my blogging, I have customised my new tab pages so that I am able to access very easily my blogs, my You-tube, Facebook and Twitter accounts…all at at the click of a mouse.

What I like about this add-on is that it is very easy to use to add basically any other site you like to your new tab. All you have to do is click the + button, and the box illustrated below pops up—-



enter the web address of a favourite site… I have picked Amazon UK, and entered their URL…Click.save….and you get (see the image below) …..


Now by simply clicking  the Amazon UK site in my example, and letting the page load….it will swipe the sites logo,,visible from thereon in when I open a new tab….see the image below


Another useful feature is if you HOVER OVER the > icon on the right hand side of a new tab it brings up this ….Bookmarks, recently closed tabs etc


Personally I Like this add on….no doubt others will too, or maybe you are already using it ??





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