Using Your iPad for Handwriting ??? While Working On The Move

WHY The WRITEPAD APP is another Great Tool for Working on the Go

With Writepad your iPhone or iPad or Android can do a lot more for you working on the go than you might think!! “But why bother with it?” you might indeed ask.

The Writepad App

Well, imagine the power and simplicity of Handwriting on your iPad: Notes, Reminders, Memos of Meetings, To Do lists……the list is endless.

Writepad is a key productivity tool now for me when using my iPad. By using Writepad it Allows You to Handwrite — Notes, Memos, Emails or whatever you want and the whole point of the App is that it Converts your handwriting in front of your eyes ….Easily….. into editable text!!!... all on your super-light and portable iPad, an ideal tool on the move.

Check Out our Short demo video ……. Here

The ability of your iPad or indeed iPhone to a lesser extent because of its smaller size, to take handwritten notes, is something a netbook or most laptops cannot do. We have considered in another post the benefits of an app called Penultimate and we would suggest that after you have read this post you might refer over to it for comparison purposes …….By Clicking Here. We in fact use BOTH  because we have the best of both Worlds … being able to easily and quickly make and save copious handwritten notes with Penultimate… and on other occasions handwriting notes and having them instantly converted into editable text with Writepad!!!

WritePad offers YOU Big Time another valuable tool for being productive working on the move with your iPhone and indeed very much more so with your iPad – because  as far as this particular App is concerned ….YOU GET….handwriting recognition on your iPad and iPhone.  This is where this app differs from Penultimate. By Using a stylus (which is really genuinely and realistically recommended …again for some speed and better accuracy) or your finger if you really wish, YOU CAN  write directly into WritePad to take notes with ease. What Writepad basically does is convert the handwriting into editable text  in front of you….Try Doing That With A Netbook or Laptop ??

In Real Life We find Writepad particularly useful for business purposes on the move when we want to send a longer than normal business email (or indeed any email). This app with practice makes the built in devices keyboard largely redundant….greatly speeding up the process of getting that e mail out quickly and getting the job done.

Writepad is an app with plenty of bells and whistles and extras…. and while its not as simple to use as Penultimate.. …it has many extras, justifying a little learning and effort on your part.

  • Once you create YOUR DOCUMENT with Write pad  IT CAN BE
  • Emailed
  • Exported as a document (in text or PDF format)
  • Printed.
  • Tweeted or posted to Facebook from directly within the app.
  • Synchronized with DropBox, Evernote and Google Docs.

This is a very useful extra

Extra functionality in this app includes a spellchecker and cut, copy and paste functionality; and this makes using the app very convenient.

Using Writepad is a progressive process: the more you use it the better the app gets to know you and your handwriting style!!!! Also the more you use it the quicker you get.

It is a powerful tool for both personal and business use on the move, out and about.

The features do require a bit of practice, folks, but unlike many other apps, there is an excellent help section and there is an included tutorial that comes with your purchase. It is not rocket science either—practising with it and playing with it is enjoyable and ultimately bottom line “worth it” …so don’t worry.

It’s an inexpensive app and we believe it really delivers a lot of power for the price for anyone who seriously wants to be more productive working on the move with their iPhone, iPad or indeed Android.

Alupen Stylus - Click Here


Our Motto – “Time is Money”, folks – so save some with this app for the sake of the cost of a few drinks. Check out this link or Click the Picture  for recommended styluses available – A Good Stylus is, we believe…like it or not… a necessary addition you will have to purchase to unleash the power of this app….but with a good stylus there are many other uses it can be put to too!!

Michael and Rosemary

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  • Julieanne van Zyl

    Reply Reply September 28, 2011

    Hi Rosemary, this looks like a fabulous tool! I would have loved this when I was studying at University. I can imagine how much time it would’ve saved. I used to take a tape recorder into lectures, then at home I would add to my notes, using the tape recorder. However, the notes were still only handwritten (this was 20 years ago:-), so it would take me a lot more time to type them up!

    Don’t you love the techy world we live in today, I would’ve loved to have all this technology 20 years ago. Thanks so much Rosemary for keeping us all up to date with what’s available.

    Have a fun day! Julieanne

    • Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

      Reply Reply September 28, 2011


      It sounds as if you were very resourceful in University . It is a very exciting new world that has so many innovations to make all our lives so much easier for being productive on the move. Take care Rosemary

  • Candice Michelle

    Reply Reply September 29, 2011

    Hi Rosie, I think this app is perfect for those individuals who are busy and needs to get things done as soon as possible. Not only that it can help save a considerable amount of time, it can also make job easier.

  • Carla McNeil

    Reply Reply October 4, 2011

    OK Rosie ya got me again!

    I Want Both!

    thanks so much for bringing both of these tools to my attention, this is not something I would have gone looking for! You make it easy, thank you!

    • rosie54

      Reply Reply October 6, 2011

      Carla, Delighted you like this tip. I would have thought the iPad for your work would make life a lot easier especially with your social media expertise. Take care Rosemary

  • Julie Hayes

    Reply Reply October 17, 2011

    Another perfect application to save time typing. It’s perfect for people that are always on the go and wanted to rush the typing process on their phone.

    • rosie54

      Reply Reply October 17, 2011

      Julia, delighted you found this a helpful tip, it is really handy if you go to business event and need to take notes. Take care Rosemary

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