Have You Enabled the Security  On Your iPhone or iPad ???
Especially For Working On The Go 

I write this post due to an experience I had two weeks ago. Following an enjoyable day out at a friend’s wedding, got the taxi home, had perhaps a few drinks too many, remember leaning over in the back seat to pay the taxi driver, iPhone in my breast shirt pocket……. You can guess the rest ??. Next morning no sign of phone and the penny dropped- was it lost or stolen- where was it, when did I last use it etc??. Feelings of annoyance , potential cost of the loss etc set in ….rapidly followed by a feeling of some dread when I realised and reflected about some of the confidential information that I had stored on my iPhone which was not only personal confidential information but more importantly contained confidential information relating to clients. Then the real panic started. As lady luck would have it …the taxi driver rang me because by luck I had a business card in my iPhone wallet so I got my phone back .Happy days TG.

The first thing I did when I got it back was to check had I activated the passcode feature and the erase data security feature which luckily I had and hence worst-case scenario ….I would been down the cost of an iPhone but in all probability the confidential and sensitive information would have been as well protected as I could hope for.

Valuable lessons learned. Afterwards telling a number of friends about it I was more than surprised when many of them looked at me blankly when I mentioned the word “passcode” and “erase data feature”.

Hence folks I am writing this short little post about these two features in the knowledge that this information is of no use to the security savvy people out there but nevertheless others may not have realised or reflected upon how simple it is to set up and why it should be set up.

Secure Your iPhoneUnfortunately theft is a fact of life, we lose iPhones and iPads ….another fact of life, and we should all reflect upon whether we can afford for sensitive confidential business or personal information contained on our Apple devices to get into the wrong hands. I suggest that we cannot!!!


To enable this security feature on either your iPhone or iPad is simplicity itself.

Simply go to “Settings”, Tap “General” and then Tap the “Passcode lock”……At this juncture if you have not set anything up I would suggest setting up a complex passcode ( password) but obviously pick a password that you really will not forget for reasons that are obvious later on. You also have the option to set up a simple passcode which is a password of four digits. I recommend setting up a more complex passcode and while it can be a bit tedious having to login with your longer passcode ….security wise particularly if you use your iPhone and iPads for business purposes, you really should.

In the Passcode Lock section You will also see an “Erase Data “….section … at the end…and all you literally have to do is to turn that feature on…. Meaning that all data on your iPad will be erased after 10 failed passcode attempts ( WARNING —-this will happen to you if you do not remember your password- so be careful and organised using it).

This is pretty powerful and does give you some peace of mind in the event that you are unlucky enough to either lose or mislay your device or indeed worse still have it stolen.

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Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    6 replies to "Do You Carry Sensitive Personal or Business Data on your iPhone or iPad ???"

    • marquita herald

      Hi Rosemary, what a scary story – it’s a good thing you are so conscientious about protecting your information. A valuable lesson for us all!

      • rosie54


        Due to living in Ireland and going to business events in the UK with colleagues , it has made me very aware of security. Take care Rosemary

    • Kimberly Castleberry

      This is a very valuable tip for anyone with these devices. Android devices have a number of applications available (some free, some not) that often provide a variety of functions (like backup) and include a “remote wipe” function. This is a very important feature to set up. In the case of some apps they require constant pin-code logins (like what you’re doing) but in the case of others, you call a special number and key in a code and can wipe the phone yourself. Some of the android apps (and presumably the iphone ones) also offer remote GPS tracking which would help you find the device and decide if it was “on the move” and needed wiped or if you could go dig it out of the bin you accidentally dropped it in!

      • rosie54

        Hi Kim,

        Delighted you found this a valuable tip and I find you have very handy tips as well. Many thanks for the email you sent me this morning I will be in touch with you later today. Take care Rosemary

    • Lynda Cromar

      I really appreciate you taking the time to write this, but this doesn’t seem to apply to me as I am not an I-Phone or I-Pad owner. What does one do if they have a Android? Surely there is an option for those as well?

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