Upgrade my iPad or Chance an Android Honeycomb Tablet ???
For Working On the Go 

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Three weeks ago I pondered the same question. Now just a few weeks later, I am surprised that I am writing a post with a conclusion that I had not really expected to post. I had considered upgrading my beloved iPad , which has been a trusted work companion for some time – to an iPad 2 but reached the conclusion that for the extra that was on offer it was not particularly worth my while. In recent months my curiosity was awakened about Android tablets due to comments left by readers. I did my research and decided it was unfair not to be including detail about Android offerings on my blog. Lady Fate intervened simultaneously because I came across an Amazon special offer where I saved big time in the purchase of an Acer Iconia tablet. Never having tried an Android tablet I was taken mainly by the possibility of extra storage on the Acer through the use of a Micro SD card. One of my major bugbears with the iPad was its complete lack of expandable storage. The idea of storing space hogging video and music on a Micro SD card appealed, so Purchase made- Chance Taken.

Three weeks later I must confess that now that  I am used to and familiar with my new tablet, and rather unexpectedly the Android is the weapon of choice that I reach for to use when out and about working on the move. It is not that I have set out to rubbish the iPad, far from it. It still remains a device that is also brilliant for working on the move, it is light, portable , generally easy to use and has great battery life. It will remain a choice for many, but for others a serious look at and Android tablet NOW merits very serious consideration. In my particular case working a lot on the web I believe there is no comparison in reality between the two because the android after only a few weeks use for me comes closest to replicating my desktop experience.

iPad 2

With the iPad 2 —–The Real Bottom Line is Folks.

The new iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and faster than the old one, and it has cameras. It is still as easy to use as the original……That’s pretty much it- but  many of us did not bother to upgrade from the original iPad  which was King of the Castle in its day.

Battery Life …and choice of Apps….is still brilliant on the iPad 2 though.

Android Honeycomb Tablets

If you do some research – to generalise The iPad 2 and Android Tablets are basically more or less equal when it comes to raw processing power:

Apple’s iPad 2 vs. Android Honeycomb Tablets: Some Generalised Facts

To generalise Apple’s iPad 2 normally wins in size and weight and more or less catches up in speed and cameras. Many Android tablets, however, have a higher resolution display (10.1 inches at 1280-by-800 vs. 9.7 inches at 1024-by-768); and a big plus for many of us with some but not all models….support for extra storage via MicroSD cards; and support for USB connections. All Particularly useful for work on the move…and missing from the iPad-FACT

Battery Wise – Some Android models are as good as the iPad-  but others are not. However I rarely work 10 hours straight out and about – so no particular deal breaker here for me anyway.The battery life on The Samsung Galaxy Tab is better– The Asus Eee Pad isnt far behind and my Acer Iconia Tablet is well behind the iPad 2 ( but it has those ports to compensate)

Android’s strongest advantage I must confess to my Complete Surprise, lies in the Honeycomb operating system itself

Yes it is a little more techie for some – but then again Itunes has its limitations too, but here are some plus factors

  • Desktop-like browsing.The First thing I noticed was that the Honeycomb’s browser is as close to a desktop experience as you can get on a tablet. This is the factor that wins me over !!!BIG TIME.It is simply easier to work on the wider screen .The browser allows you to have multiple tabs, to open pages in “incognito”- Private= mode, and to automatically stay synced with your computer’s Chrome installation. That means your bookmarks are always available and always up-to-date, wherever you go on the move.

Honeycomb tablets unlike the iPad support the browsing of Flash-content. Love it or hate it, it is part of the Web

  • Widgets. Instead of being limited to rows of static icons filling up your tablet’s home screen, on an iPad, Honeycomb’s widgets allow you to do things like view and scroll through your inbox, thumb through upcoming calendar appointments, flip through news stories — all without ever opening anything. This makes  the tablet experience all the more sweeter.
  • Notifications. When you get an e-mail, an Android Honeycomb tablet briefly flashes the info at the bottom of your screen and then leaves an interactive icon for whenever you want to deal with it. This is missing on iOS and the iPad.
  • Google Voice  USA Honeycomb tablet users can now check voice mails, send messages, call cheaper international calls, and transcribe voice mails right on their Honeycomb tablet.
  • Multitasking. Apple has offered multitasking since iOS 4.0,but far from perfect—or indeed user friendly. Android Honeycomb tablets, on the other hand, make multitasking as easy as tapping an icon in the lower-left corner of the screen;
  •  Full access to your files and folders. Plug your Android Honeycomb tablet into your computer and browse it as if it were a hard drive. Drag and drop files from your PC at will easily…….. The iPad, in contrast, offers an extremely limited method of file transferring ….done only through iTunes- which for me was and is the most annoying feature of my iPad

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Available Apps and Other Considerations

APPS Yes, FACT is the iPad does currently has more apps — but the gap is narrowing. The growth in the Android Market has been staggering, and it continues to grow more with every passing month.


PRICE Most Android Tablets are very competitively priced, with the iPad models. Numerous Honeycomb tablet models are now available from multiple manufacturers.—-Giving you a far larger choice in size and design — and the chance to grab a special offer or bargain because of competition – as I did—– something Apple’s single iPad tablet product can’t and probably wo’nt offer- why would they with no competition..


From a user perspective- Working on the move!!.

Apple long ago mastered the art of making its products pretty to look at,simple to use and the iPad’s utter simplicity is an appealing quality for many users- making it rightly the big player it is –

However times change Folks and for Users who want more features, choices, and customization potential, and a much better browsing experience== They should Plump for an Android Honeycomb tablet. I have to say – despite my initial doubts – that after just a few weeks use….to my surprise –my android tablet is way ahead in this department. On my model battery life is not as good as my iPad – FACT– but nevertheless more than sufficient for me- the ability to use extra storage I feel more than compensates. As someone who wants a Tablet to work for me on the move— I wholeheartedly Recommend an Android Honeycomb Tablet.There is Plenty of Choice.


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Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
Rosemary O'Shaughnessy

I am a self employed Social Media Manager and Consultant.

    10 replies to "Which Tablet to Buy 2011- iPad or Android Honeycomb"

    • Keith Everett


      I can always rely on you to give such a good insight into all the great uses for these mobile devices.

      I for one would always consult with you before I did any long distance travel, as you are obviously well ahead with working on the go and making life easier on the road.

      Thanks for all the great information.


      • rosie54


        You are very welcome, there will be more tips and advice to the valued readers of this site like yourself as I am starting a newsletter. Take care Rosemary

    • Nile

      I tend to steer toward PC rather than Mac products because Mac has always been more for crunching data, rather than graphics and other media.

      Right now I am looking into getting an Acer laptop, but I might get a tablet as well. It all depends on how I feel. I had my previous Acer laptop swiped, so I am hoping the one I buy is not stolen too as they are costly.

      • rosie54


        I am sorry to hear about your lap top being stolen. I really appreciate your feed back as it gives me feed back to share relevant content for the needs of my readers. Take care Rosemary

    • Rick Lelchuk

      So glad to run across your post and glad to learn about your good reviews of Android.

      My wife won a Motorola Xoom at a women’s event and we’ve been perplexed with it since. We almost sold the thing. I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but the tablet and the concept of apps has me perplexed.

      Can you suggest a good place to understand the tablet process?

      Many thanks,

      • rosie54

        Rick, in many ways the android tablet is not as user friendly as an ipad………..however persevere with it , the android tablet is great for web browsing/work if you have the 10.1in version….thats why i bought one.and as abonus mine allows me to use a USB flash drive too. Also a new android operating system upgrade hopefully will be available for our android tablets early next year namely “ice cream sandwich”…has got a lot of positive mentions out there…when i upgrade i will be doing practical videos on how to use an android tablet…see this video (yes its for a phone but the op sys is ice cream sandwich)

    • Monick Halm

      Thanks for that article. I’m contemplating getting a tablet for the holidays, and hadn’t really contemplated the other tablets at all. The only one I did think about was the Kindle Fire and that’s pretty much just because of the price point. Did you consider that one at all?

      • rosie54


        Fully agree with you that the Kindle Fire has an ultra-affordable price tag, with reportedly great screen quality for the price.I have not featured it because – havent got my hands on one yet – its not available in the Uk and Europe yet !!

        It only has only 8GB of storage–with no expansion slot, smaller screen ( but better than a phone screen anyday) and no Bluetooth but at $199 it appears to be an outstanding value entertainment device that works simply.

        If you mainly want to be entertained – If I was in the US I would buy one . I believe you can browse the Web , e-mail your friends, read common document files (including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others), view photos, and listen to locally stored music files. For some that might be enough ?? If you get one your experiences would be great to post

    • Candice Michelle

      As I can see it, Android Honeycomb quite outweighs iPad in terms of providing a better user experience. If I were to choose, I will go for Android Honeycomb. It seems a good buy to me.

      • rosie54

        Candice, delighted to see you back here on working on the go. It is a good buy and if you have any suggestion for this site do free to contact me. Take care Rosemary

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