Working on the Go

This a simple site Folks…..Dedicated towards helping You the small businesses or self employed person out there, cope in the ever changing and demanding  new world we now live in…..The Digital Age.

There are many  useful things technology can do for us today, but technology has also created challenges for us all, often with much more to do and learn on a daily basis in our business lives. Many of us have so much to do and sometimes little time to do it.

Information is everywhere online, We are bombarded by it….BUT……Its a Jungle Online.

Where do you start ? Where do  You Begin ?

Thats the point of this site……. simply to focus on making our gadgets to work for us Productively !!

Saving Time Using Downtime

Time is precious to us all in business, In times of Economic Downturns, many of us have to work harder to earn what we were used to in past times. Yet we all have personal lives to lead too and enjoy that precious time.How many of us waste downtime during business hours doing nothing , be it at an airport ,on a bus or train, waiting to meet clients ? The List is Endless Folks……We Hope to Impart Useful Info & Tips for You To Make Productive Business Use of Downtime.

What to Expect from Our Blog

News – Info – Tips- Products, With a Focus on anything to Help a busy small business or self employed person TO BE PRODUCTIVE ON THE MOVE. Let us be a one stop shop for your Information, Saving you Time.